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Client Quotes Regarding Use Of Ivey International Inc. Products.

“We used Ivey-sol surfactant technology and experienced a greater than 400% enhancement of contaminant mass recovery! This innovative technology significantly sped up remediation saving my clients time and money! We were very pleased with the results and would recommend others to try it”
Dan Smith, Principle Hydrogeologist
Metric Earth Services, LLC

"Using low concentrations of Ivey-sol solution, free product was successfully removed from shale. Soil/shale washing with Ivey-Sol is a cost-effective technology for on-site treatment of impacted soils. Based on the parameters above, projected treatment price for a small scale project (< 2,000 tonnes) would be $35 per tonne, which is currently less expensive than disposing of the impacted material at a landfill and replacement with clean fill. Obviously, with larger projects, the economies of scale will drive the price down even lower”
Kyle Dacey, Manager of Technical Services
Terratechnik Environmental Ltd.

“The in-situ application of the Ivey-sol surfactant technology significantly increased the DNAPL and BTEX mass recovery from the impacted soil and groundwater on-site. We were very pleased by these results leading to our recommending a full scale site application as a rapid and cost effective method to achieve site

Martin Beaudoin, Project Engineer
Sanexen Environmental Services Inc

“Ivey-sol has been proven highly effective at remediating both oil-based contamination and chlorinated solvents in a variety of different soil types, ranging from sands to clays. Given the current need for innovative and cost-effective cleanup technologies, usage of Ivey-sol will significantly increase in the upcoming years.”
Bruce Tunnicliffe,
President Vertex Environmental Inc.

“I credit this technology with saving my company tens of thousands of dollars after using it to treat a fuel-oil spill. Drinking water was contaminated and I looked at a number of technologies. They wanted to put recovery towers in and stripper systems costing more than $100,000, and I was told remediation would take five to seven years. But Ivey-sol did it in less than 18 months saving some $60,000, while meeting stringent environmental standards.”
Peter Clark, President
Clark Oil Co. Ltd. (Ultramar)

"After excavation and bio-piling of the soil, the surfactant enhanced bioremediation (SEB) treatment was applied and the bio-pile was covered. Daily aeration was done during the treatment period. After only 12 weeks samples were taken from the bio-pile showing that the remediation of the fuel-oil and PAH contamination was completed to the BC Environmental Standards and safe for reuse on-site”
Tony Robson, Director Mining & Equipment
Quinsam Coal Corporation

"This process is very cost effective and will save between $40,000 to $60,000 compared to the closest available technology that we are aware of. Our division has been working closely with Ivey International for over a year and is convinced this is the future for in-situ remediation.”
Steve Wasson, P. Eng., Coordinator of Environmental Services
Key Safety Services Inc

"We increased the TPH Mass Recovery Rate by 10x, removed TPH-d from vadose zone and lowered groundwater concentrations. Regulatory Agency agrees to a risk based closure in contamination levels continue to decrease”
Galen Kenoyer, Senior Hydrogeologist
Chris D’Sa, Senior Project Manager
RMT Inc.

"I think the future for the Ivey-sol surfactant technology is bright. It’s based on sound science and Ivey International Inc. has lots of field application experience”
Lisa Rear, P.Bio.
Environmental Consultant

"We observed a noticeable drop in the level of contaminants within a two-month period”
Brad Shybunka, Senior Project Manager Operations
Bio-Synergy Inc.

"The project we are now working on is in tight clay soil, six metres deep, 35 metres by 20 metres in area. The projected cleanup will be nine to 12 months. This is very fast compared to any other in-situ process that we are aware of. The only thing faster is digging up the site and hauling away the soil.”
Terry Timothy, Manager of Environmental Services
Key Safety Services Inc.

“We used a combination of Ivey-sol technology and soil excavation. It certainly saved us the headache of having to do more by way of foundation excavation. The result was the important thing. Ivey-sol was a good add-on to the original excavation and we got the results we wanted”
Mike Roy, Senior Claims Adjuster
Plant Hope Adjusters Ltd.

“Our research has confirmed that the Ivey-sol surfactant technology increases the controlled solubility and rate of MTBE recovery from impacted soil and groundwater by >740%”
Dr. Davis Craft
University of Alberta

“Our research has shown that the Ivey-sol surfactant technology can increases the controlled solubility rate of PCB into groundwater by >900%”
Dr. Davis Craft
University of Alberta

“The name of the game is satisfactory results and closing the file as quickly as possible. Ivey-sol technology is a big help when excavation isn’t an attractive option”
Bill McCann, Senior Claims Adjuster
Halifax Insurance

We accomplished more with $50,000 of Ivey-sol than we did with the first $500,000 we spent on the site over the previous 4 years. Ivey-sol Increased our rate of contaminant recovery by >400%”
Dan Smith, Hydrogeologist
HANDEX of Connecticut

“We had to evacuate the building after the oil spill, it was a mess. Ivey-sol cleaned up the site up rapidly. It improved the air, soil and groundwater quality”
John Vidditto
Developer/ Property Owner

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