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Looking to advance your professional capacity in site remediation? Ivey League is a collection of resources for industry professionals interested in environmental innovation, sustainability, and enhanced applications. Using a combination of mediums, including text, audio, and video, Ivey League highlights the capabilities and developments of Ivey International Inc. and addresses industry trends, advancements, and challenges. What are you waiting for? Welcome to Ivey League.


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Ivey-sol Cost Effective LNAPL and DNAPL Phase Remediation

This video provides an overview on contaminant behavior, and how phase partitioning, sorption, and other factors, limits the 'Availability' of free phase NAPL (LNAPL and DNAPL), globules, and sorbed contamination for cost effective remediation, and how Ivey-sol provided a consistent way to enhance NAPL remediation at sites where other methods have failed.




LNAPL Superfund Ivey-sol Remediation

This successful Super Fund Ivey-sol application went from bench scale treatability testing, out performing all other methods tried, to a scale application that removed 81% of the LNAPL mass in one (1) week, leading to the full scale successful clean up of the OU-3 soil and groundwater. Ivey-sol was employed to enhance the existing multi-phase extraction system on site, which proved to be a very cost effective, and a synergistic pairing with MPE that has been used at many other sites in the USA.



IVey-sol Surfactant Enhanced Remediation

Ivey-sol Surfactant Enhanced Remediation of vapor (VOC), sorbed, globule, ganglia, LNAPL and DNAPL Contaminants with soil, fractured bedrock and groundwater Regimes. This video also explains the hydro-geo-chemical factors that limit contaminant 'Availability' for physical, biological and chemical remediation, and how Ivey-sol can consistently resolve them for in-situ and ex-situ remediation.



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Ivey-sol Enhances DNAPL Remediation at Grain Elevator Site

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine 

December 2018 / A SEE
pilot study was conducted using the Ivey-sol® 106(Cl) surfactant formulation, which
was specially designed to treat chlorinated
solvents at the site.

Ivey-sol Extraction Helps Minimize Impacts From 320000L Spill

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

July 2020 / The rapid spill response strategy, utilizing the Ivey-sol® surfactant remediation technology achieved significant time, cost, and environmentally sustainable cleanup
benefits, resolving more than 99% of the
spill on the steep hillside.

Ivey-sol Has Potential to Increase Oil Recovery from Oil-Sands

Oil & Gas Product News

July/August 2004 / The oil-sands by-product wastes treated were sources from a site in Northern Alberta. Ivey-sol® -  Selective Phase Transfer Technology (SPTT) was used, resulting in 96.2% to I00% hydrocarbon removal for all fractions tested meeting CCME compliance guidelines for both commercial and industrial land use applications. 

Surfactant Desorption is Key to Successful PAH Bioremediation

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

September 2005 / Ex-situ Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation of over 200 000 kg of diesel and PAH contaminated soil was remediated in 12 weeks at mining site to regulatory standards. Bench scale Ivey-sol® soil washing of PAH impacted soil from large brownfield site achieved >90% reduction in 19 PAH compounds.

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Soil and Sediment Contamination: An International Journal

Mobilization Assessment and Possibility of Increased Availability of PAHs in Contaminated Soil Using Column Tests / July 2011


Environmental Toxicology III

Biostimulation Combined Treatments for Remediation of Diesel Contaminated Soil / 2010 Vol 132


Hazmat Magazine

Ivy-League Solutions: Surfactant Technology for Soil and Groundwater Cleanup / Spring 2012



Surfactant Enhanced Ex-Situ Soil Washing of Contaminated Solids / March 27 - 30 2011


AEHS International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, Energy

Surfactant Enhanced In-situ Remediation of DNAPL Impacted Soil and
Groundwater - Montreal Refinery Case Study / October 2008


Oil & Gas Product News

NORMs Contamination Treatment Using
Ivey-sol Technology / Sept-Oct. 2004 Vol 8(5)